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Morris Latoya - Moonkissed (ENG)

9789464945058 Morris Latoya - Moonkissed (ENG)

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Latoya Morris
2024, Hamley Books
PBK, 263blz., 14x21,5cm

Spoiled 17-year-old Sadie Quinn is not amused when she's forced to leave Vancouver and her friends behind to move to the Canadian Great Bear Rainforest, where her father will shoot a documentary for a year. The rainforest is the home of the legendary Spirit Bear, a rare white bear. Unfortunately, life in the rainforest isn't ready for animals, as they, and nature itself, are struggling to survive.
Although Sadie initially hates the isolation, she becomes fascinated by her father's work. She reluctantly accepts her temporary fate, especially when their handsome guide Riverty provides much-needed distraction. When she meets Tarqeq, who claims to have been summoned by the Moon God to help protect the animals in the rainforest, she is offered a unique chance to help.
Then people are found dead in the forest, seemingly at the cause of a wild animal. But when someone is arrested for the gruesome deaths, Sadie's faith in everything she believes in and the people that she trusts, is truly put to the test.
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